• bangkok roll
  • buddha cocktail
  • garlic shrimp with rice
  • minced chicken salad
  • painkiller cocktail

Thai Orchid Restaurant
and Sushi Bar

About us

Kat Saenguraiporn, the niece of the founder of Thai Orchid Restaurant, is now the owner of the Vancouver location. She brings with her a wealth experience in both serving customers and managing staff in several Thai Orchid.

Saenguraiporn is the epitome of Thailand hospitality, bringing her uniquely warm and imaginative touch to her new restaurant. She shares her love of food and wine by showcasing innovative specials and introducing carefully chosen wines to pair with a delicious menu.

Thai Orchid has been offering award-winning Thai food for over fifteen years. The Saenguraiporn family, founders of Thai Orchid, say they pride themselves on serving fresh, flavorful and healthy Thai food that is as authentic as it is delicious. “My aunt, Executive Chef Prapapen Saenguraiporn, blended her culinary instincts with recipes from the streets of Thailand and created a menu to offer the finest true Thai dishes outside of Bangkok,” says Saenguraiporn.